15th February, 2022


If you’re installing tiles in an area that’s in contact with running or residual water, it’s critical to prepare the substrate with a high-quality backer board. Read our blog to learn more.

Dukkaboard 2

Tile backer boards are an essential part of tiling bathrooms, showers and wet rooms. If you’re installing tiles in an area that’s in contact with running or residual water, it’s critical to prepare the substrate with a high-quality backer board. In doing so, you’ll have a stable, ready-to-tile surface that counteracts the most common causes of tile failure: moisture absorption that leads to instability and mould growth.

In this short blog, we will explore the different types of Dukkaboard panels: the market-leading tile backer panels made from extruded polystyrene foam reinforced on either side with fibreglass mesh and a layer of cement. These super-strength tile backer boards are the high-performance, lightweight and workable solution for creating a fully waterproof tiling system.

Dukkaboard Original Panel

Renowned for its unrivalled waterproof credentials, the Dukkaboard Original Panel is a solid all-rounder for everyday bathroom, shower and wet room installations. This lightweight, versatile backer board panel is BBA approved and provides complete compatibility with natural stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles. The Original Panel’s strong yet lightweight construction means it can easily be cut to size, resulting in rapid installation times when compared with traditional backer boards. Constructed from polystyrene foam, reinforced on both sides with fibreglass mesh and a cement coating creating a strong, lightweight and waterproof backer board for tile and stone installations.

Dukkaboard Creative Panel

When it comes to installing waterproof tile installations, there’s not a one-size-fits-all quick fix – every job presents its own unique challenges. One of the biggest problems that tilers face is working around curves and piping in shower and wet-room installations. The Dukkaboard Creative Panel is the ultimate solution: providing an endless range of possibilities for walls and partitions of any shape and design in a matter of minutes, and perfect for creating curves required for shower enclosures, seating, bath panels, columns, bow-fronted steps and custom loungers. Forget about long, drawn-out preparation and expensive labour costs: the Dukkaboard Creative Panel is a game changer for those jobs that require a bit of imagination.

Dukkaboard Original Panel
Dukkaboard creative panel

Dukkaboard Wedge Panel

Purpose-designed for channel drain installations, the Dukkaboard wedge Panel is the ultimate backer board for facilitating the smooth flow of water into a drain. Available in a range of gradients from 20mm to 8mm, these innovative waterproof tile backer boards provide a simple downward slope that’s essential for shower installations. The lightweight design is easy to handle and install, and can even be used in multiples in order to create large shower trays as a cost-effective alternative to more expensive, bespoke shower trays.

Dukkaboard Recess Panel

As straightforward as it sounds, the Dukkaboard Recess Panel is a ready-made recess engineered to create features in bathroom or wet-room walls. Favoured for its simplicity, this high-performance recess panel is mounted in a 12mm Dukkaboard Original-Panel for ultimate strength and durability. This versatile panel can be used in multiples or singly, as well as vertically or horizontally, providing ultimate creative freedom for design and installation.

Dukkaboard XL

If you’re boarding chipboard or timber substrates, the Dukkaboard XL Range provides an exceptional substrate for all tile finishes, including the heaviest of natural stone. This premium quality Dukkaboard XL Panel has been designed in conjunction with a comprehensive range of accessories, including specially designed self-drilling and self-countersinking screws for rapid installation, as well as adhesives, primers and equipment for exceptionally durable, long-lasting results.

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