Dukkaboard Panels

Dukkaboard Original Panel

Dukkaboard original panel

Constructed from polystyrene foam, reinforced on both sides with fibre glass mesh and a cement coating creating a strong, lightweight and waterproof backerboard for tile and stone installations.

  • Applications include bathrooms, wet-rooms, saunas, kitchens and swimming pools
  • Ideal for creating a ready to tile, stable substrate
  • High thermal insulation values
  • Water and rot proof
  • Lightweight - easy to transport and store
  • High load strength
  • Simple to install
Dukkaboard original panel
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Moisture and Rot Proof

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Exceptionally Stability

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High Thermal Insulation

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Lightweight and Workable

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Replaces Wet Finishes

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Unlimited Creativity

Dukkaboard is an innovative tile backer board system complemented by an extensive range of accessories and waterproofing products.

Why Dukkaboard


The lightweight design makes the handling and installation of Dukkaboard Original-Panels a simple task. Original-Panels can be easily cut to size using a saw or knife.

Problem solver

Eliminate the risks linked with the common causes of tile failure associated with traditional building materials such as plywood and plasterboard which are prone to absorbing moisture, leading to substrate instability and mould growth.

Ready to tile

Dukkaboard Original-Panels provide a stable, ready-to-tile surface, compatible with all types of tile adhesives. With great thermal insulation values and high load strength, Original-Panels can be used with all types of existing and mixed substrates inlcuding concrete, masonry, screeds, metal and wooden studwork.

Product Specifications

Product Downloads

Product Specifications

Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm)
1200 600 4
1200 600 6
1200 600 10
1200 600 12
1200 600 20
1200 600 40
2400 600 6
2400 600 8
2400 600 10
2400 600 12.5
2400 600 20
2400 600 30
2400 600 40
2400 600 50
2400 600 60
2400 1200 12.5
2400 1200 60

Product Downloads

Dukkaboard Original Panel Datasheet pdf (687.301 KB)

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