Dukkaboard Panels

Dukkaboard Wedge-Panel

Dukkaboard wedge panel

Dukkaboard Wedge-Panel is preformed with a gradient, for modular installations of shower tray floors.

Dukkaboard wedge panel


Dukkaboard Wedge-Panels can be used if a quick and simple slope down to a channel drain is required. The boards slope from 20mm to 8mm. Ideal for use with channel drains.


The lightweight design of the Dukkaboard Wedge-Panels makes handling and installation a simple task.


Use in multiples to create large shower trays. Wedge-Panels provide a cost-effective alternative to bespoke shower trays and can be used with all types of existing and mixed substrates including concrete and gypsum screeds.

Dukkaboard is an innovative tile backer board system complemented by an extensive range of accessories and waterproofing products.

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Product Specifications

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Product Specifications

Length (MM) Width (MM) Thickness (MM)
1200 600 A=8 B=20
300 1200 A=20 B=8

Product Downloads

Dukkaboard Wedge Panel Data Sheet - DP-WP-1260 pdf (398.069 KB)

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