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Dukkaboard have been an exceptional companion during all stages of the project. Beginning with production of Specification documents, to problem solving for bespoke drainage and waterproofing solutions, the help provided by their dedicated Project Representative has been instrumental in the smooth delivery of Southwark Fire Station.

Mawumefa Dotse, Associate Architect

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Key Features

Dukkaboard Benefits

Dukkaboard is an innovative tile backer board system complemented by an extensive range of accessories and waterproofing products. Dukkaboard is used as a substrate for tiles and stone finishes for walls and floors.

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Moisture and Rot Proof

Dukkaboard is a fully waterproof system that creates the perfect solution for bathrooms, showers and wetrooms.

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Replaces Wet Finishes

Can be used in place of floor screeds and rendered or plastered wall finishes, fast-tracking tiling and saving costs.

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Exceptionally Stability

Dukkaboard eliminates the common causes of tile failure associated with Plasterboard, MDF, Chipboard and Plywood.

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Unlimited Creativity

Dukkaboard products allow creative freedom when constructing features and structures.

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High Thermal Insulation

Dukkaboard panels and shower trays substantially reduce heat loss therefore are a great solution for use with electric underfloor heating.

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Dedicated Technical Support

Dukkaboard is supported by The Knowledge Network – Offering technical information, support and installation guides.

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Lightweight and Workable

Easier and faster to work with than all other types of building board.

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Cost Effective Solution

Inexpensive to buy, fast to install.

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Product Range

The Complete Tile Backer System for quality tiling, creative freedom and peace of mind.

Dukkaboard Panels

Dukkaboard Shower Trays

Dukkaboard XL

Dukkaboard Aqua 77

Dukkaboard Accessories

Dukkaboard Mattings

Dukkaboard Underfloor Heating

Dukkaboard is an innovative tile backer board system complemented by an extensive range of accessories and waterproofing products.

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