3rd March, 2022


Our simple buyer’s guide to Dukkaboard tile backers: so you know exactly what you need to get the job done right.

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As the old saying goes: a worker is only as good as their tools. Tilers know this only too well – so getting the right kit for the job is crucial for long-term project success. If you’re looking for a solid all-rounder tile backer that performs every time, all whilst saving essential time and money in the long run, then look no further. Dukkaboard is the complete tile backer system that creates the perfect waterproof solution for bathrooms, showers and wetrooms. But that’s not all…

Fully Waterproof

Moisture and rot-proof, this fully waterproof system is designed for use behind any tiling in contact with running or residual water. Dukkaboard completely replaces wet finishes – it’s used in place of floor screeds and rendered or plastered wall finishes, so you can expect fast-tracked tiling and reduced costs on top of industry-leading quality.

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Exceptional Stability

Dukkaboard panels and accessories have been expertly engineered to create a stable, ready-to-tile surface. These innovative tile backer panels are made from extruded polystyrene foam, reinforced either side with fibreglass mesh and a layer of cement, resulting in an ultra-durable waterproof backing for tiles and stone. Eliminating the all-too-common causes of tile failure associated with plasterboard, MDF, chipboard and plywood, Dukkaboard prevents moisture absorption that commonly leads to substrate instability and mould growth.

Lightweight & Workable

These purpose-designed tile backer panels are easier and faster to work with than all other types of building board. Dukkaboard’s pre-scored panels allow for total creative freedom and a wide range of design possibilities. The Dukkabord Creative Panel supports first-rate detail work, perfect for creating curves for shower enclosures, seating, bow-fronted steps and much more. Eliminating expensive labour costs and making installation quicker than ever: Dukkaboard is the must-have choice for tilers.

25-Year Warranty

Building confidence through quality, the Dukkaboard range of products is backed up with a massive 25-year warranty on all system installations that have been carried out within the Dukkaboard guidelines. It’s built for longevity and the impressive warranty reflects Dukkaboard’s commitment to designing and delivering industry-leading products that tilers take confidence in.

Dedicated Technical Support

The Knowledge Network is Dukkaboard’s dedicated technical support system: offering help, advice and a wealth of expertise for anybody using the tile backer system. Dukkaboard’s extensive video library is the ideal way to get a step-by-step visual installation advice and shows exactly how the full range of products are used for quality tiling and unrivalled creative freedom. The Knowledge Network also offers fully-illustrated installation guides, architect information including NBS specification and CAD drawings, as well as FAQs and much more.

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