Dukkaboard XL

XL Scoring Knife

Scoringknife 450x450

Tungsten carbide tipped cutting knife for rapid and accurate cuts.

Scoringknife 450x450


Dukkaboard XL range consists of a premium quality cement fibre tile backer board and a comprehensive selection of accessories, used for over boarding chipboard, plywood, concrete and other stable surfaces.


Provides the perfect substrate for all tile finishes including the heaviest of natural stone. Dukkaboard XL helps prevent loose or cracked tiles, stained grout and rotten substrates. It is also incombustible and asbestos free.


The XL range of accessories includes specially designed self-drilling and self countersinking screws for quick and easy installation, a specially formulated polyurethane adhesive for an exceptionally strong bond, versatile acrylic primer and a tungsten carbide tipped cutting knife for rapid and accurate cuts.

Dukkaboard is an innovative tile backer board system complemented by an extensive range of accessories and waterproofing products.

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Product Specifications

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