Dukkaboard Shower Trays

Dukkaboard Square Centre Drain

Shower Trays Square Centre Main

Dukkaboard Pre-formed Shower Trays are available in a wide variety of sizes and drain positions to suit a range of applications. Designed to give the ultimate modern look and level showering access.

Shower Trays Square Centre Main

Ready to tile

Dukkaboard Shower-Trays provide a stable, waterproof, ready-to-tile surface, compatible with all types of tile adhesive.


Wide range of grate and drain styles to create a custom look and beautiful finish.

Bespoke Service

Dukkaboard Shower-Trays can be tailor-made to suit any application. We can manufacture any size or non-standard shape you require within 10 working days.

Dukkaboard is an innovative tile backer board system complemented by an extensive range of accessories and waterproofing products.

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Product Specifications

Product Downloads

Product Specifications

Product Code Length (MM) Width (MM) Thickness (MM)
DS-SC-8080 800 800 20
DS-SC-9090 900 900 20
DS-SC-1010 1000 1000 20
DS-SC-1212 1200 1200 20
DS-SC-1515 1500 1500 20

Product Downloads

DS SC 1010 pdf (664.189 KB)

DS SC 1212 pdf (684.896 KB)

DS SC 1515 pdf (740.1 KB)

DS SC 8080 pdf (635.772 KB)

DS SC 9090 pdf (649.329 KB)

DS SE 1212 pdf (686.233 KB)

DS SR 1010 pdf (665.103 KB)

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