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Innovative, crack bridging, decoupling membrane that gives superior protection against problem substrates including timber floors and concrete

Iso Mat Main Image


Suitable for use on most common substrates including solid timber and concrete, The Dukkaboard Matting range is compatible with all types of natural stone and tiles.


Lightweight and durable, all Dukkaboard Matting products are quick and easy to install.

Problem Solvers

Resistant to rot and alkalis, Dukkaboard Mattings eliminate the risks linked with the common causes of tile failure and cracking associated with traditional building materials.

Dukkaboard is an innovative tile backer board system complemented by an extensive range of accessories and waterproofing products.

Why Dukkaboard

Product Specifications

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Product Specifications

Product Code Roll Length (M) Roll Width (M) Thickness
DM-IM-0501 5 1 0.87
DM-IM-3001 30 1 0.87

Product Downloads

DTS 9015 Dukkaboard Iso Mat Datasheet pdf (86.057 KB)

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